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ProductExact Model Exact Model Review
Vendor Jimmy Kim & Anik Singal
Launch Date12-14-2016 (9am est.)
Sales Pagewww.exactmodel.com
Niche Content Marketing
Category Internet Marketing Product
Bonus Yes
Price$597.00 $297 $272.00 *$25 Rebate*


Exact Model Product Overview

The creation of good copy is one of the most important, but often neglected, aspects of Content Marketing. In this regard, Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal’s Exact Model presents an unique set of solutions, which were born out of the awareness that not only is it essential for copywriters to have at their disposal, the tools that can help them generate copy that converts, but also that it is vital that they are taught the intricacies of good copywriting along the way.

Let’s face it, not all of us in the Blogging and Internet Marketing field are gifted with the ability to weave words in a way that not only leaves potential customers awed by our poetic command of language, but is also guaranteed to make them reach for their pockets.

Those who have ever come up with potentially world revolutionizing ideas will understand the frustration of then struggling to articulate these thoughts in a way that makes them easily accessible to ordinary people.

Traditional Copywriting Tools

The dilemma that this poses has traditionally been solved through the use of copywriting software. Browse through the internet and you will come across hundreds, if not thousands, of copywriting programs.

-Most of them claim to be able to produce good quality copy on your behalf, but is that really true?

Computers, Computers, Computers…

The problem with computer programs is that they are almost always only as good as the person who has done the programming. Ask any copywriter and you will be told that the craft is difficult proposition as it is, without adding to the mix the gibberish that is usually produced by computer programs.

-That is not to say that there is no good copywriting software out there. In fact, there are a lot of programs that can be helpful in producing, organising and managing your copy.

-Computers are not logical, but they can be very useful in this regard.

Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal’s Exact Model

After carrying out exhaustive research and development, Internet Marketing specialists Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal have, as we found out during this Exact Model Review, come up with a Copywriting Software and Training package that, in a departure from traditional models, is able to produce copy that is guaranteed to produce leads, while, at the same time, teaching you the fundamentals of good copywriting.

-One of the major issues surrounding traditional copywriting software is that it is able to only occasionally spit out good quality copy.

-The Exact Model on the other hand, strives to give you usable copy all the time.

How the Exact Model Works

Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal’s Exact Model achieves this wonderful outcome through the use of a few, well thought out strategies.

-It comes with over 200 templates that have been designed to make it easy for you create copy that talks to your prospects in ways that make them want to find out more about your products and services.

Something for Everyone

The wonderful thing about the product, as we found out during the Exact Model Review, is that it has been crafted with almost everyone in mind. Whatever your niche, you will find templates that speak, not only to you as a copywriter, but, most importantly, also to your potential clients. The following are only a few of the fields in which the Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal’s Exact Model can be applied;

Internet Marketing

Are you involved in Email, Social Media or any of the other forms of Internet Marketing? If the answer is yes, then, you will definitely find the Exact Model to be particularly useful.

-You can use it to increase your company’s social media following by producing copy that speaks to people in ways that they understand.

-You can also use it to create Emails that have higher open, click-through and conversion rates.

Personal Development

Are you looking to get people to sign up for your personal development program? Then, use Jimmy Kim’s Exact Model to create copy that can easily convince them about the benefits of doing business with you.

Many More Uses

In fact, you can use the Exact Model in a wide variety of fields! The best thing about it is that it can produce professionally written copy, while teaching you or your subscribers about the basics of skilled copywriting.

About the Vendors

Jimmy Kim

Jimmy Kim is definitely no strangers to Internet Marketing. In fact, he has been doing it since 2009, when he joined an affiliate network. By 2015, this hobby had developed into a fully fledged business, with a dedicated compliment of specialists in the business. The Exact Model is but one of the numerous products that he has successfully launched over the past few years.

-Jimmy Kim is the founder of Snaptactix, a company that specializes in making internet marketing accessible to everyone, regardless of tech proficiency.

-Jimmy Kim is also the creator of Email Tools, an integrated email marketing software suite that has been designed to simplify the process of creating, modifying and sending marketing emails.

Anik Singal

Anik Singal, the co-creator of the Exact Model, is a digital marketing specialist, who is also an expert on product launches and Search Engine Optimization. He was rated as one of the top three entrepreneurs under the age of 25 in the United States. Anik Singal’s businesses have generated millions in online publishing sales and he now specialises in helping online business start-ups.

Exact Model Discount

For a limited time only, you can get the Exact Model at a discounted price of $297. This is a giveaway price, considering the groundbreaking nature of Jimmy Kim’s latest, offering. Take advantage of the Exact Model Deal now and start creating copy that is guaranteed to bring more leads to your business.

-Have you been faced with software that produces copy that feels as if it has been written by a machine?

-Then, the Exact Model answers your problems, in that it allows you to create professional grade copy while, at the same time, teaching you the art of copywriting.

The Exact Model Bonus Offer

The Exact Model comes with a Bonus Offer, which should allow you to get your hands on this revolutionary internet marketing tool at a discounted rate. For a limited time, you can get your hands on Anik Singal’s Exact Model, at only $297.

-What’s more, get the Exact Model now and you will also receive a large quantity of Internet Marketing teaching materials that Jimmy Kim has put together in his interaction with the tens of thousands of people that his company has worked with over the years.

-The Exact Model Bonus Offer is available for a limited time only and allows you to get this amazing collection of copywriting software now.

-This Exact Model Deal gives you teaching material that is worth $200 free of charge! Nowhere else in the Digital Marketing world will you be able to find such a wonderful deal!

Exact Model Features

The Exact Model offers a wide range of features that promise to revolutionize the way Internet Marketing is carried out across the globe. For years, people have been looking for a program that can truly create copy that talks to their prospects and increases the visibility of their businesses.

-However, most of the programs that are out there have failed to live up to expectation.

-Despite the fact that computers have made it easier for work to be done across almost every aspect of life, they have still been found wanting when it comes to copywriting.

-There is only so much that copywriting software can do, and the results often sound so mechanical that many people have given up on trying to use them to create good copy.

-Jimmy Kim’s Exact Model deals with this shortfall by having a wide range of templates from which people can choose and create professional grade copy.

It teaches you how to create good copy

Not only does the Exact Model help you create amazingly good copy, but, in a design first for programs in its category, it also teaches you how to do so during the course of the process. This means that you will be left with a greater understanding and appreciation of the copywriting process.


Professional copywriters across the globe cannot deny the fact that through the Exact Model, Jimmy Kim and Anita Sindal have come up with a winning formula; one that not only has a corpus of professional grade Digital Marketing templates, but is also intelligent enough to impart knowledge to users along the way.

-The superiority of the product is not in doubt, as we found out while carrying out a Review of the Exact Model.

-Digital Marketing experts across the globe will agree that it is always difficult to gather the tools that are needed for the carrying out of their tasks.

-After only a few months on the job, you will have collected such a large amount of data, templates, and other information that it becomes difficult for you to find what you need, when you need it.

-An example would be if you ever need to reuse a marketing email template. The Exact Model deals with this through its uncluttered, easy to understand user interface. It is clear, right from the beginning, that Jimmy Kim and Anita Sindal have worked hard to simplify the process of copywriting.

-Yet, there can be no denying the power and usefulness of the Exact Model.

-With it, you will be able to organise all your templates and emails in one place. What’s more, they are arranged in such a way that you won’t have to spent hours looking for what you need.

Ease of Use

As mentioned above, the Exact Model comes with an uncluttered user interface and has a well laid out structure that makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

-One of Jimmy Kim’s life goals has been to clarify Internet Marketing and make it accessible even to the not so computer savvy people who make the majority of us.

-Those of you who have ever tested his other products, such as Email Tools, will admit to having noticed this simplified approach to digital marketing.

In this regard, the Exact Model does not disappoint. The program’s design is such that one does not need to be a computer guru to understand and use it.


Like most of his products, Jimmy Kim’s Exact Model comes with a lifetime guarantee of customer support. Should you ever have any problems or queries while using the product, you can easily get in touch with a team of professionals who are on standby 24/7 to make sure that you continue to use the tool to generate copy that is guaranteed to bring results.

Exact Model Guarantee

Purchase the Exact Model now and you will receive a lifetime guarantee on the product. This assures you that you will be one of the first to receive, free of charge, any updates and upgrades that may come during the lifetime of the product.

-Get the Exact Model Deal right now and rest assured in the knowledge that Jimmy Kim and his team of professionals will take care of the technical side of the software’s upkeep on your behalf.

-All that remains for you to do is do what you know best; that is, create professional grade copy that is guaranteed to generate leads.

The Exact Model comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee, which means that should you ever encounter any problems during its use, you can be assured that you will quickly and efficiently be attended to.

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